What is ADUs project?

Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is the smartest investment a homeowner can make in San Diego. ADUs are increasingly becoming popular in big family homes, thanks to the benefits they add to properties. For instance, a well-constructed ADU can add to the ROI of the property during resale. Moreover, having an ADU is a sure way of standing out in the competitive San Diego real estate market. Additionally, the main advantage of adding a granny flat in your home is creating additional space to host adult children, in-laws, and any other visiting family member. An ADU can keep your family close but still provide privacy for the occupants.


Whether you prepare a budget for a stand-alone, repurposed garage or attached ADU, you’ll only realize its long-term benefits if the structure fulfills all San Diego ADU permitting regulations. Moreover, the process can only begin if you have a valid accessory dwelling unit permit. Organic ADU is your number one ADU specialist in San Diego. We adapt to the needs of our customers to enhance a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our specialists will walk you through the whole process of ADU permitting in San Diego to ensure your projects end within the shortest time possible.

JMG Coast Special Service:

Construction Management:


An Accessory Dwelling Unit is a single legal residential unit added to a lot with an existing or proposed home.  The unit can be realized through ground-up construction, a garage conversion, an addition to the garage, an addition to the primary residence, or a conversion of part of the existing residence.


Due to the high demand, the State of California updated the standard for accessory Dwelling units in 2017 and again in 2020. Which allows more flexibility.


Compared to other construction companies, JMG Construction provide very professional Construction project Management.  JMG Teams open the conversation and detail process to the clients. And let the clients drive the car.


Compared to other construction business, JMG Coast has professional Accounting team members who could use professional Finance accounting background to work with clients to review and control the budget;


Strong partners teams, we provide good candidates to our customers, to build up the best team to work for client’s projects. The partners includes professional real estate agents, architect teams, in-house construction crews, best construction subs allow clients to shop and make the final decision.


Professional PMP certificated Construction manager, who has strong commercial and residential management experience, to work from the beginning of the project to the end.


We let the clients control their own project, and make their own decision. And we charge reasonable management fee.


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